UPDATE 2021-09-20: Because of Covid-19 we at VikingaTider have not been able to get the necessary police permit to organize Tisdagsträffarna. It will not be approved until the restrictions on gatherings are lifted. This means that there will be NO meetings.We ask you to respect this by staying home - even if you have no symptoms. This is for your saftey and the safety of others. We're having an ongoing conversation with the police and will update here and on Facebook with further information.

Our Mission

Southern Swedens largest gathering for motor enthusiasts!
VikingaTider also organize the Tisdagsträffarna, every tuesday from the beginning of May until autumn. Visitors from all ages travel here for what is probably the largest motor meeting in southern Sweden. Everyone is welcome! Here you'll find everything as long as it has an engine aswell as exhibitions, special offers, and lovely people! The meetings are from 17-20 or until the sun goes down.

For more information, check out Tisdagsträffarnas facebook page. You can also find photos on the meetings through the years on the facebook page. 


It all started with some motor enthusiasts from Löddeköppinge who started out with meetings during tuesday evenings, and 15 years later it has grown to a grand gathering with thousands of visitors from near and far. Every kind of vehicle is welcome, not only the classical cars. You may see old american cars, vehicles from every corner of the world, motocycles, modern and oldies, sometimes strange and odd vehicles such as tractors, fire trucks, mopeds and busses, everything is welcome! If you are a casual visitor there's a lot of room in our provisional parking lot.

Tisdagsträffarna is organized by VikingaTider, on land that the association leases. The operation depends heavily on volunteers that spends a lot of the summer making sure that the event runs smoothly. The lawn needs to be cut, fences and buildings need tending to, and roads needs to be kept. We need people by the entrances and exists that helps direct the exhibitions to their given space. We have costs but not a lot of revenue because of the free admission and the fact we don't charge the exhibitions. Tisdagsträffarna can go on thanks to sponsorships and generous contributions from things such as visiting clubs.

Would you like to volunteer? Knowledge about motors and vehicles is not mandatory but if you feel like giving up one of your tuesday evenings then you're more than welcome to join our crew! Please contact Lotta.

Would you like to display your company at Tisdagsträffarna? You can be displayed through a banner, a flag, or on our website. Please contact us!
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