The members club Megingjord

Become a member in VikingaTider's members club. The name is borrowed from the god Tor and his belt. It's a good metaphor for the power that we hold when we all work together.

As a member in Megingjord you can work with us as a volunteer, artisan, and viking. You can also be invited to discounted events, courses and lectures or get a discount in our shop.

The members fee for a person is 200 kr/year, for a family 350 kr/year (Max 2 adults).

Become a volunteer!

Join us as a volunteer, artisan and viking in our everday operations. We're always in the need for an extra pair of hands during events, experiments, and other projects. If you are interested in handy work and /or want to try out the viking life then there's a great chance for you to become a part of VikingaTider. What aspect of the operation that you're interested in taking part of is up to you, if you have other ideas then you are more than welcome to contact us.