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Sigrid's homestead

Sigrid's homestead consists of a longhouse, a small klinehus and six bulhus, surronded by a beautiful landscape. The longhouse has a fireplace and enough seats for 60 people. Take the opportunity to hire the whole homestead with enough space for outside activities and cozy events!

The longhouse on Sigrid's homestad is a reconstruction of a farmhouse from the viking age in Skåne during the 10th century. How do we know this? Countless archaeological excavations in the area has given us information and traces from the past. There are no remains from these historic buildings above the ground but the dark stainings in the soil and remains from wood and stone tells us a lot about the construction and sizes of these buildings. Remains from charcoal tells us where the fireplace was located. The family lived in the large house for generations along with their servants and thralls. The longhouse was also the place to hold big parties.

VikingaTider does not offer any food service for bookings of Sigrid's homestead. If this is desired then we recommend that you hire our feasting hall.

Löddetofta: The feasting hall

What can you do with a large viking house? A lot! Hire our great feasting hall and create a magnificent event. Whether it's for a wedding, birthday party, kick-off, conference, or something completely different it will be sure to be absolutely unforgettable! With its 100 seats and spacious atmosphere the only limitation is your imagination. With the fantastic acoustics its also a great hall for cultural events such as theatre, exhibitions, and concerts.

The feasting hall is 8 meters tall, 8 meters wide, and 25 meters long. It's built with heavy and tarred wooden planks which are called "bulverk" - a common structural engineering method during the viking age in Skåne and Gotland.

Here's a lot of space for mingle, dancing, and festivities. The hall is atmospherically lit and furnished. It offers a combination of modern comfort and a historic setting.

VikingaTider offers a food service for bookings made for Löddetofta. Complete your party with the flavours and savour of the viking age!


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