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Buy a tree and become a Green sponsor
When buying a tree you're not only contributing to making our 25 hectare landscape more beautiful and authentic, you will also be displayed as one of our Green sponsors on our website and Facebook page. Being a Green sponsor is a fun way to show your company's commitment for a sustainable world.

Exposure at Tisdagsträffarna
Every tuesday during the summer months VikingaTider arranges motor meetings for thousands of enthusiasts. Every meeting attracts about 5000 people. We're offering you the chance to display your company during one of Sweden's largest motor meetings.

The members club Megingjord

As a member in Megingjord you can work with us as a volunteer, artisan, and viking. You can also be invited to discounted events, courses and lectures or get a discount in our shop.

Become an ambassador for VikingaTider by being a company member in Megingjord! Your company will be displayed with your logo and link on our website and Facebook page. You will also receive a discount when you book an event with us!

Members fee for companies: 3000 kr/year (Members fee 500 kr. Service fee 2500kr)

Become a volunteer!

Join us as a volunteer, artisan and viking in our everday operations. We're always in the need for an extra pair of hands during events, experiments, and other projects. If you are interested in handy work and /or want to try out the viking life then there's a great chance for you to become a part of VikingaTider. What aspect of the operation that you're interested in taking part of is up to you, if you have other ideas then you are more than welcome to contact us.