About VikingaTider

VikingaTider is an archaeological open-air museum where the cultural landscape from the Viking age, complete with farms, meadows, fields, animals, crafts and daily life, is recreated based on the archaeological finds made in the area. Our goal is to tell the true story of the Vikings and offer activities in living history.

Today we have reconstructed a part of our vast landscape. Ponds have been dug, a bridge down to Lödde River built, part of the land is kept open by grazing animals, and cultivation of crops has begun. In the area we have a farm with a longhouse and several smaller buildings for cooking, preparing textiles and smithing. A large feast hall has also been built, inviting guests to take part in ancient celebrations.

During the later part of the Viking era the change of religion, from their Asatru to the Christian faith, brought on the building of churches in Scandinavia. Adjacent to our Viking farm lies an old cemetery, excavated by archaeologists in the 1960s. Remains of two wooden churches, so called Stave churches were encountered. In the near future, Löddeköpinges oldest church, built somewhere around year 1020, will be reconstructed on site.

We arrange a wide variety of Viking events, from lectures, school classes, Viking markets, feasts and craft courses. Please contact us at info@vikingatider.se for more information.

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